Compassionate Retirement for Cows in London


LONDON, ENGLAND, August 9, 2011 (The Independent): Londoners who feel guilty about the hard-working cows that provide their milk can now soothe their collective conscience by drinking milk from cows that will only die of old age. The Hindu Ahimsa Foundation ( guarantees that no cows, bulls or calves will be slaughtered in the production of its milk.

Launched on the market last week, 50 London families have already ordered Ahimsa milk. The price includes charges for production, processing and bottling of milk, a pension fund, hospice and vet costs, and administration and overhead.

Cows at the foundation’s organic farm in Kent will only be put in calf every two years and will be required to produce only five calves in their lifetime. At the age of 13, each cow will be retired to a farm sanctuary in west Wales to live out her days. Heifer calves will join the milking herd and bull calves will be reared and kept until their death at 17-20 years of age

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