Community Honours Sriman Venkatesa Iyengar Swami

Sri Sudarsanaaya Namaha: Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha: Asmat Gurubhyo Namaha:

Abhinandana Samaroha – Felicitation ceremony

Sudarsana Sreeman S.Venkatesa Iyengar Swami, the founder of

Sri Sudarsana Yagna Samithi was felicitated in appreciation of successful completion of 1008 Sri Sudarsana Yagnas around the World including Kailash Manasaraovar Sri Venugopala Krishna Temple, 11th Cross Malleswaram on Sunday 5th Sept 2010

Eminent personolities lead by Sriman Tiru Swami the director of ISKCON, Bangalore,  Sriman Arun Madhavan Founder Chairman of Art of Living,

Sriman Sridhara Narayana Bhattar the senior most Archaka of Karnataka and Sriman Sridhara Murth of Senior Citizen’s Association, Malleswaram and other dignitaries honoured him.

Sriman K.R.Arulaalan, the famouns Astrologer and founder of Cosmic Vision louded the high efforts and dedicated service of Sriman S.venkatesa Iyengar Swami and the benefits of the 1008 Yagnas which he has performed around the World. He also presented very nice poems in Tamil praising the glory of Sri. Venkatesa Iyengar spontaniously written by his brother ”Aashu Kavi” Sriman K.R.Seshadri

Smt. Parimala V  Murthy of

Sriman Selvaraj of Orchid Travels, Sriman Ranga, the srikaryam of Sri Yadugiri Yatiraja Jeeyar Mutt and Sriman Srinivasa Alwar of Selayur Satsangam, Chennai and other volunteers  organised ceremony.

Sriman Anantasayana Bhattar, the Archakakar of  Sri Andal Devasthanam Srivilliputtur honoured him on behalf of Sri Andal Rangamannar Devasthanam, Srivilliputtur and invited him to lead and perform Sreesuktha Homam at Sri Andal Temple in Srivilliputtur.

Sriman Sridhara Narayana Bhattar Swami & Sriman Babu Bhattar Swami and other Archakas honoured him with   Bahumanam with Sesha mala & Sesha Vastram from various Divyakshetras and Temples.

Sriman Venkatesa Iyengar Swami in his brief speach thanked the organizers and dignitaries who honoured and participated in the event and dedicated all his glory to the Lord Sri Krishna. He vow to continue in the services of spirituality. He said the Samithi has taken up various projects and seeked the support and participation

The Spiritual Bangalore Team Congratulates Sriman Venkatesa Iyengar Swami.

The ceremoney concluded with distribution of holy water of Manasarovar.

Sri Sudarsana Yagna Samithi once again thanks all of you and seeks your continued patronage for our activities in future.We cordially invite you all for the darshan of Sri Sudarsana Perumal, the Aradhya Deva of 1008 Sri Sudarsana Yagnas

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Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana ! Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana !!

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