Christian Church Becomes Ganesha Hindu Temple In Scotland

SCOTLAND, January 7, 2011: Before the Temple organizers purchased it, Wardlawhill Church was affiliated to Church of Scotland, the majority church in Scotland. It was then renovated and refurbished into the Sri Sundara Ganapathy Hindu temple.

On the opening day, following the milk abhishegam ritual for Lord Ganapathy, the Deity was carried on a decorated palanquin in a procession from the City Centre to the Temple hall through the Main Street with a police escort. A Hindu priest from London conducted the opening ceremony. Two area councilors, the Consulate General of India, and many others attended the inaugural ceremony.

The Ganapathy Temple, whose aim is to “promote the ideals of Hinduism” and which is part of the South Indian Cultural Centre, plans to serve the religious, spiritual, cultural and social needs of the community. Besides prayers, sermons, lectures by spiritual leaders, ceremonies and festivals, it also plans to host Indian language-art-dance-music-yoga-spirituality instruction, marriage counseling, community gatherings, etc. It is a member of the Scottish Interfaith Council.

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