Canada Hindus Celebrate By River


CANADA, September 12, 2011: Hundreds of Windsor-area Hindus gathered in McKee Park at the Detroit River Sunday, marking the end of Ganesh Chaturthi, a 10-day religious festival celebrating the Deity’s birth and his unity with the universe.

For two weeks, Hindus all over the world offered prayers and offerings to Ganesha, a Deity in the Hindu pantheon that is widely revered as a remover of obstacles. The festival climaxes with the dissolving of a clay murti of Ganesha by lowering it into water. Paresh Pandya, a Hindu priest who watched over the proceedings, said this represents the deity’s immaterial form and a return to the elements.

MP Brian Masse, who attended the festival’s finale, said the festival reflects Canada’s multiculturalism and acceptance of different cultures. “Celebrating outside like this today demonstrates what a diverse and amazing country Canada is,” he said.

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