Avatar Leads The Pack In Web Site’s Most Spiritual Movies

Movies about aliens, air travel, cooking, and the war in Iraq were all among the most “spiritually literate” films of 2009, according to the Web site Chief among them is “Avatar,” a movie where the Hindu concept of the same name is loosely used.

Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, the Web site’s founders, say the 10 top spiritual movies all “raise our consciousness to a fuller engagement with our world” by depicting characters searching for meaning and applying moral values to daily life.

James Cameron’s blockbuster “Avatar,” which pits avaricious humans against pantheistic aliens, was “the spiritual surprise of the year,” said Mary Ann Brussat, for creating an alternate world where the “interconnectedness of all beings” is celebrated, and the natural habitat is revered. The nine other films on the list are available on their website.

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