Ancient Temple Site Found In Indonesia Has Hindu And Buddhist Roots

Construction workers have found old structures, believed to be part of a 9th and 10th century temple, in Yogyakarta in Indonesia, with a specific architectural style and relief ornaments on its sides resembling those found at other significant historic Hindu and Buddhist temples.

According to a report in the Jakarta Post, the workers, using a backhoe, had come across a stone structure that appeared to be part of an ancient temple, at a depth of about 10 feet, while digging foundations for a new library building at the university on in Sleman regency.

Indung Panca Putra, the chairman of the center’s protection working group, said that the unearthed part of the structure is unique because it appears to be comparatively intact, has extremely fine ornaments and is made from a high quality, non-porous andesit stone. “Only a temple of high importance for its time used this kind of material. This is why the reliefs have remained intact despite their age,” said Indung, pointing at pictures of the structure.

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