A Penance for World Peace

HARIDWAR, INDIA, April 3, 2010: As millions of religious-minded are visiting the ongoing ‘Maha Kumbh Mela’ or, the biggest religious bathing fair in Haridwar city of Uttarakhand, many holy men have drawn the devotee’s attention.

One of such holy men is Swami Vijayananda. Everyday he hangs himself upside-down for eight hours on bonfire, his way of performing penance for world peace. He says he will continue meditating in this manner for 21 days. “This (tapas position) is a throne on which I am meditating remembering the Lord which might help to create world peace and also protect human emotions,” Vijayananda Maharaj said.

The Kumbh Mela began on January 14 and will continue untill April 28 this year

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