40,000 Manuscripts Digitized In Institutes Of Pune


PUNE, INDIA, April 28, 2013 (Times of India): Close to 40,000 manuscripts from the period 1600 to 1900 AD have been digitized in the city, while around 145,000 have been documented in the state, recent data from the National Mission for Manuscripts has revealed. With a budget of US$1.75 million this year, the mission also plans to start a national digital library in the country, which would contain all Indian manuscripts in a digital format.

Dipti Tripathi, director of the mission, who was in Pune recently, told TOI that the mission is planning to increase the number of manuscript resource centers (MRC) and manuscript conservation centers (MCC) in Maharashtra, especially in remote areas.

“Languages other than Sanskrit and Marathi will also be given emphasis here. The mission already has manuscript resource centres in Maharashtra, including two in Pune, one in Kolhapur and another in Nagpur. There is one manuscript conservation centre at the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute (Bori) in Pune. Increasing the number of centres will depend upon the financial situation as well as local needs,” said Tripathi.

The MRCs include well-established Indological institutes, museums, libraries, universities and non-governmental organizations, which act as the mission’s coordinating agencies in their respective regions. They are responsible for survey and documentation of every manuscript in their area. The MCCs undertake manuscript conservation, among other things

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