300 Trinidad Temples to Observe Sivaratri

TRINIDAD, March 9, 2013 (The Guradian, by Paras Ramoutar): Hindus in Trinidad and Tobago will celebrate Mahasivaratri tonight. It is the night of the great awakening of Lord Siva according to the Hindu holy books. He is also the Absorber of the Universe, and the third force in the Hindu pantheon of the Godhead. Hindus are expected to keep an all night vigil.

Lord Siva is the redeemer as well as the destructive Force which is manifested in all aspects of creation. He embodies the positive ideals of renunciation, asceticism, serenity and all negative human values as untruthfulness, vanity, ignorance, impurity, deceit and deception. Hindus consider Sivaratri as one of its most noble and monumental observances.

The 300-plus temples across the country would be holding vigil, including Edinburgh Hindu Temple, Chaguanas Mandir, Longdenville Temple, Caparo Shiva Mandir, the Seva Sangh of Caparo, Felicity Hindu Mandir, Gasparillo Hindu Mandir and Blue Star of Bandoo Trace, Claxton Bay.

Observances would be held in all temples not only on the night of Sivaratri, but also on the days leading to the celebration itself where Lord Siva yagnas would be organized, requiring devotees and followers to abstain, fast and observe strict spiritual disciplines. The devotee is thus engrossed in purified thoughts and actions that should keep him or her from unwelcome distraction

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