300 Pakistani Hindus Seek Rajasthan Govt’s Help To Get Indian Citizenship


JAIPUR, INDIA, December 11, 2012 (Daily Pioneer): Unhappy with the step-motherly attitude of the Haryana Government, a group of 300 Pakistani Hindus living there have moved to Jodhpur hoping that the State Government would take up their cases with the Union Home Ministry to get them Indian citizenship.

This group of Hindus were living in the Ellanabad area of Sirsa district for the past two decades. They came to India on valid documents, but refused to go back due to anti-Hindu atmosphere in Pakistan.

According to official sources, all their efforts to get Indian citizenship went in vain as the Haryana Government did not initiate any process provided under the relevant Act. Under the provisions, any Hindu of Pakistan origin can apply to get Indian citizenship after spending seven-and-a-half years in India.
Under this provision, over a 100,000 Hindus from Pakistan, who had come to Rajasthan during the past three decades, have become Indian citizens.

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