2012 Diwali Mela Sets Off With A Bang!

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA, October 31, 2012 (India Post): In the biggest celebration in three decades, FIA and the Fremont Hindu temple celebrated Diwali Mela on a grand scale. Thanks to the Fremont Hindu Temple, 2012’s Diwali Mela took place on October 27, and it appeared as if all of Bay Area had gathered to celebrate Diwali for a colorful and melodious evening. Thousands of devotees thronged Alameda County’s sprawling fairgrounds to greet each other and participate in a day filled with fun activities. Everywhere people were smiling and laughing, enjoying themselves while celebrating the biggest Hindu festival of the year. The crowd filed through the Alameda County Fairground, stopping at booths along the way to try festive food and play games. Over four hours, fifty dance groups, composed of children, adults, and senior citizens, took the stage to wow the crowds with their beautiful dresses and dances. Dr Romesh Japra, Chairman and Convener of FIA, highlighted the grand scale of Diwali Mela in his speech. He said that one of the key reasons for organizing the Mela was to help Indian-American youth learn their ancestors’ culture and heritage. He added that the holiday season begins with Diwali, which signifies the victory of good over evil, and that the Mela provides a festive opportunity to teach children about Indian culture.

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